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2023 KIOTI RX Series RX7320 PCC


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2023 KIOTI RX Series RX7320 PCC

More Metal. More Features. More Tractor.

With deluxe climate-controlled cab models and the heavy duty lift capacity, the RX Series delivers ultimate comfort and incredible power. So you can take on the most demanding jobs without even breaking a sweat.

Features may include:

Dependable Workhorse

Each model is equipped with “push button” engaged 4WD and differential lock. The rear PTO is also easily engaged with the simple push of a button.

Interior Comfort

The climate-controlled cab keeps the operator comfortable in all working environments. The ergonomic and fully adjustable suspension seat allows the operator to ride comfortably.

Streamlined Hood Design

The hood design improves the operator’s visibility and allows for convenient access for maintenance of the tractor.

Powerful Engine

The Daedong turbo engine offers the power you need to complete your jobs.


All RX Series models are equipped with wet disc brakes, an adjustable seat belt, headlights, safety lights and hydrostatic power steering.

Modern and Elegant Design

The modern and elegant hood design provides the operator with excellent visibility and enables quick and convenient access for daily maintenance.

CRDI Diesel Engine with Daedong ECO Technology

The new Common Rail Diesel Engine (CRDI) improves fuel efficiency while at the same time having less noise. With this eco-friendly Tier 4 engine, the RX Series offers the operator a quiet work environment with smooth and powerful performance.

Power Shuttle Transmission

The power shuttle transmission provides smooth and easy shifting on the move. The transmission features 12 forward and 12 reverse gears to handle anything. The Power Shuttle Lever provides easy forward and reverse operation without stepping on a clutch pedal. The Creeper Gear offers more speed versatility for applications requiring high PTO horsepower at low ground speeds.

Torque Compensation

This feature enables the engine to maintain a consistent and stable torque level under all conditions.

Projection Head and Working Lamp

With the new projection head and working lamp, the operator will experience safer and easier operation after the sun goes down.

Deluxe Suspension Seat

The luxurious and adjustable seat is standard for the RX Series. The ergonomic, suspension seat allows the operator to ride comfortably, no matter what the job may be. A pocket on the back of the seat allows easy access for the operator’s manual.

PTO Cruise Control

With one touch, engine speed may be set to maintain steady PTO rpm to maximize working efficiency. When engaged, the operator may manipulate the PTO rpm by simply clicking a switch.

External Hydraulic Lift Cylinder

The RX series tractor has two external hydraulic lift cylinders which makes maintenance easier and increases lift capacity up to 3,898 lbs. (1,768 kg).

Large Capacity Fuel Tank

The 25 gallon fuel tank allows productive working hours without the need for frequent re-fueling. The warning feature includes fuel warning indicator lamp in the instrument panel and a buzzer to help prevent accidentally running out of fuel.

Power Steering

The standard power steering minimizes the effort required to make tight, repetitive turns. The steering wheel tilts with the simple push of a lever, allowing easy adjustment to fit the operator needs.

Push Button 4WD

The 4WD is engaged with the simple push of a button. The Auto 4WD engagement allows for increased brake performance.

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